Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BMW Club Driving School

Last weekend was my first driving event in the M3. It was a BMW Club Driving School at Pueblo Motorsports Park. Everything went well. The car was reliable, easy to drive, and fairly fast. It's a little slow to turn in - not surprising since it still as a street alignment.

From a driving perspective, I did pretty well. A little rusty perhaps, but not too bad. I had a great time.

I just signed up for a NASA event at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City. It's a long haul from Denver but it's a three day event and Miller is a track I have wanted to drive since it opened. It's unusual in that its 4.5 miles long and have 23 corners. (that about twice the typical track).

Thanks to YouTube I've been mentally lapping the track for the last few days. Here is the clip I use most often.

I also hope to have a Traqmate Data Acquisition system in the car in time for the event.

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mark said...

reno-fernley 2.8 mile config