Monday, June 30, 2008

Traqmate Traqdata Adapter

Traqmate offers an expansion port for logging additional digital and analog signals with the Traqmate system. The product, called Traqdata, provides 4 analog, 2 digital, and RPM inputs.

I primarily want to log RPM and oil pressure. I'll also add oil temp and volts since I already have aftermarket gauges and therefore clean sources for these.

The only problem is the damn thing costs $129+shipping.

As you can see from the picture, it appears to be a terminal board connected to a low-density DB-15 connector. The LD DB-15 is not a very common connector type. It has the same number of pins as high-density DB-15 VGA connector but in two rows instead of three. I think the LD DB-15 was used for PC gaming adapters back in the day.

I'm wondering if buying a 10 ft. LD DB-15 cable and a small terminal board would work instead. It would cost about $10, look a lot cleaner and allow me to run the cable from the transmission tunnel near the rear seat where my Traqmate is mounted to the dash area where everything to be monitored is located.

I think I start playing with the input pins this week to see if I can understand what the pin-out is for this is.


Greg said...

Just curious if you did anymore with this?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am real interested in the pinout of the connector block. Did you get the simple ones for tach and maybe a few more like oil temp and pressure, water temp? Seems like Traqmate won't make it public