Thursday, June 26, 2008

Basic Data Analysis

A little detailed analysis courtesy of Traqmate. This graph is a standard Traqmate graph showing Speed vs. Distance. The area of focus in a series of five interconnected corners at Miller Motorsport Park called Demon, Devil, Diablo and Indecision, Precision.

The first three are typically done as a single, double apex corner – a single arc hitting Demon and Diablo and skipping Devil) then a very short straight, then Indecision, a fast right, then Precision, a very late apex tighter right leading onto a long straight. Since Precision is the most important corner in the section, Indecision is sacrificial. However, It’s too long to just throw it away.

The red and blue colors on the graph represent my first and second sessions on the full track. Since these are my first laps on the full track, there is a lot of learning going on as shown.

At the beginning of the chart (7k ft to 7.3k) you can see my speeds from Demon to Diablo were all over the map – ranging from 51mph on the slowest lap to 64 on the fastest. This is natural given that these were my first laps on this configuration and the apex of Demon is blind.
The section from 8k to 8.5k is the turn-in for Indecision to the apex of Precision. In the early laps my speeds were in the 60s, but by the last session I was approaching 80mph. Comfort builds speed.

Note that at the 9k ft. mark, everything lines up again. I’m not sure if it’s due to masterful driving or fear of the concrete wall along the exit of Precision, but those apex speeds sure are consistent.

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