Friday, May 23, 2008

All Jacked Up

The thought of lifting my 90+ pound low-profile, high-lift 3 ton floorjack in and out the trunk of the M3 at track events was just too much to bear so I purchased a 3000 Lb aluminium racing jack from Sears. It weights about 26 Lbs and has cool LED lights set into the bottom of the lifting plate so it lights up the bottom of the car right where the jack will start lifting.

Lights On

Lights Off

Finally a place to put all those stickers collecting in my toolbox.


mark said...

The comments at Sears are pretty negative about their Al jacks. People are complaining about blown seals. It will be interesting to see how yours holds up. The LEDs are sweet.

mark said...

Also, what motor oil are you running? My shop put in 20w50 Redline. Seems like that might be a bit heavy. But for running flat out in the summer heat, it might be okay.

Ren said...

I read that, the LED one is a little different than the on rated 1.5 out of 5 stars. I almost got the $299 version but decided that I wanted a lightweight track jack and not an aluminum replacement for my steel floor jack.

The Warranty is one year so if it goes, I hope it goes before then.

I'm using Redline 10w40. A little thicker than stock for some extra protection. I've got 127k miles, so thicker is better. 20w50 seems pretty thick for a "stock" engine with production tolerances.