Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brake Photos

A week late due to the trouble with the ABS ring but the brakes are now done. I rebuilt everything and ran a full can of Super-Blue fluid through with a pressure bleeder while pumping the pedal.

Here is the drivers front hub with damaged ABS ring along side the new hub. Note different style ABS ring on the new hub. This was a $150 mistake.

Turner was back-ordered on 46mm sockets to remove the front wheel-nut. The only thing I could find locally was a 46mm impact socket. I ground it down from 68.4mm OD to 64mm to fit into the front hub. It took over an hour to modify.

Front caliper during rebuild. Shown here are the old and new guide rods, old and new seals, brake caliper, piston, snap-ring pliers and Wurth Copper anti-sieze.

Here is the finished front corner with new pads, rotor, seals and lines (and in this case a new hub)

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