Tuesday, December 07, 2004

San Jose Grand Prix

So San Jose wants a Champ Car Race. As a long time San Jose resident and a current Denver resident – where we have had a champ car race for the last three years – I am afraid things in San Jose are setting up nicely for failure.

Barry Whit has an interesting article in the SJ Mercury news that describes the differences between San Jose’s deal and the deal Denver reached with promoters. While Denver spent zero tax payer dollars on the Denver Grand Prix, San Jose will be on the hook for at least $690k in 2005.

Tom Claridge, avid motorsports fan and owner of Mercedes and Porsche dealerships in Fremont says Champ Car "is as shaky as an Internet stock that never turned a profit,''


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ncider said...

Reminds me of the Washington DC American LeMans race - repaved an entire parking lot with nifty sticky pavement, but didn't consider the noise impact on local residents...

... and after exactly one race, it's gone.

RFK Stadium has a nice new parking lot, though.