Monday, December 13, 2004

More Car news

I received two new O2 sensors and a new fuel filter from BavAuto last week and installed them on Saturday. A brisk drive indicated that they didn't resolve the problem. However the work was worth it as I think I did discover the root cause.

When I removed the drivers side sensor it was wet with fuel. This was after sitting for a week. I now believe that the rich condition and the CEL at idle are caused by a leaking fuel injector.

Removing the injectors is a relativly simple job. . The manual recommends completely removing the fuel rail - I didn't remove it - instead leaving the fuel feed and return lines connected and just raising the rail enough to remove the injectors. I tried to depressureize the FI system by removing the fuel pupm fuse and running the car until is dies. Let me tell you that this does not in fact depressurize the system as proven by the gas shower I took removing that first injector.

I removed them and they looked pretty good but I'm going to send them in for rebuild anyway. I chose Marren and sent them out on Tuesday.

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