Thursday, December 16, 2004

Grand Turismo 4

The latest edition of the best PS2 driving simulator on the market, Grand Turismo 4, is almost here. Originally scheduled for US release December 14th, both Target and Toy's-R-Us now have March 15th as the new date. Damn, I hoped it would be here by X-Mas. Over three years in the making, the updated version will provide over 1000 cars and more tracks including a track in the Yosemite valley. For a cool preview of the new version check out Sony's site

To properly experince GT you will need the proper equipment. I use the Logitech "Driving Force" steering wheel/pedal combo. This was state of the art 3 years ago when I started playing GT3. However times change and Logitech has a new wheel just in time for GT4. The "Driving Force Pro" offers a realistic 900 degrees of rotation, just the a real car. Most wheels - including my current wheel only turn 200 degrees. See the wheel here

Just the thing for your X-Mas list.

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