Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another New Clutch

After 22k miles my most recent experiment in "build a better clutch" failed. This was a Centerforce modified clutch disk used with a factory pressure plate. It was able to withastand the power (496 RW-HP @ 6500 RPM) but fell a little short in longevity - pretty much equaling the factory disk.

Luckily my new machanics at Bimmerhaus had a really interesting solution. They recommended a new Clutch Disk and Pressure Plate from SPEC. I went with their Stage III solution which is described as "the ultimate street/strip solution". It is a beautiful part - I went with the lightweight option where they drill-out the pressure plate. While it was out I added a UUC EVO-III short shifter and stiffer Transmission mounts.

I picked it up today - what a joy. The UUC shifter is fantastic. I had on in my E30 M3 race car and found it quite notchy. Not so with the 6-Speed 540. It is perfect. Short and sweet.

The clutch is still breaking in - it shudders significantly as it starts to engage. I have been assured that this will go away in 500 miles. This will be a LONG 500 miles.

Also - VAC Motorsports now makes underdrive pulleys for M-60 V8s.

I also replaced the "thrust bushings" a notorious weak spot on the E-34 chassis. I had been using the 750iL bushings, they lasted about 15k miles. I replaces them with 95 M5 bushings based on comments by members of the 540i Sport List . Time will tell on both changes.

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cek said...

Ren, I recently put some poly bushings on my M-Sport (you know what I mean; I know you prefer Sport :->). I'm taking them off. Too harsh; I feel like the EDC is in Sport mode all the time.

Glad I found your blog. I guess I need to add a "Car" category to my blog now ( Take care, -cek