Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Update

I got one more day in after Hastings, a single NASA day at Pueblo. Work and travel conspired to keep me off-track for at last 3 local track days.

Now, with no events until next year it's time to start thinking rebuild. I'd like to fully rebuild both front and rear suspension with new coil-over springs, bars, shocks, chassis reinforcements, and all new bushings. However in light of the current economic condition, maybe I'll scale back a little bit. Other than that, this winter I'd like to weigh the car, remove the air-bag system, and install a removable steering-wheel.

One thing I had to do was replace the battery. The date indicated that it was 4+ years old so I wasn't surprised it died after the car sat a couple of weeks. I replaced it with an Odyssey PC680 -- which is pretty much a big motorcycle battery -- in a really cool battery-box designed by Russ Wiles and available from BimmerHaus in Boulder.

Learn more about the box and battery here

This removes ~25 Lbs from the trunk and I think it changed the rear ride height a little. 2900 Lbs. here I come.

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