Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hastings After Action

Hastings was great. I wrote something about it on my personal blog here

Not discussed there is one of the highlights of the event, the Saturday night "Bacardi Bus" ride. The bus is a modified School bus used to take Corner Workers to the flag stations during events at Hastings. Most of the original seat have ben removed in favor of used furniture -- couches, love-seats, old car seats. Adding to the fun, they are not attached to the bus.

On Saturday nights, after a couple cold, malted beverages, the bus is loaded with unsuspecting drivers and workers, and sent out on track. The driver goes much faster than you would think a school bus would go on a race track.

As you can see from the in-bus photo, we are tracking to the apex in a full-on deluge.

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mark said...

At least it wasn't a short bus.