Wednesday, October 29, 2008

of cordless impact wrenches

This is a must-have tool for any open-tracker. I borrowed one at Miller and was shocked at how quickly I swapped all four wheels -- I'm pretty sure it was less than half the time required using a breaker bar.

I've been looking at them ever since and recently decided to get one -- here is what I learned:

1. The biggest, baddest, cordless impact tools out there (Milwaukee 0779, Snap-on CT4850HO) cost ~$500+ and can generate well over 350+ Ft/Lbs when removing fasteners, more than enough for wheel bolts.

2. For about $300 there are a few wrenches that generate 250-300 Ft/Lbs.

3. Below that are wrenches that generate ~100-200 Ft/Lbs and are probably not suitable for wheel bolts.

4. Some vendors sell wrenches that look alike but have very difference performance -- compare model numbers.

I chose a 18v Dewalt, Model DW059k-2, which generates 300 Ft/Lbs and uses the same battery as my cordless drill-driver. I paid $277 (with a case, charger, and two batteries) from Amazon and received free-shipping. I needed to replace the batteries in my drill driver anyway so it was like spending $100 on the wrench. I'll have it in a couple of days and describe what I learn.


mark said...

Let me know what you think of it. I need a solution. Long wheel studs make for some very slow tire changes when doing it entirely by hand.

Does it generate enough instantaneous torque to break loose a lug nut/bolt while the tire is off the ground?

Ren said...

It's like night and day compared with doin' it by hand.

It easily knocks off bolts with the wheels in the air.

It's powerful enough that you really have to hang on to it with both hands.