Thursday, March 03, 2005

F1 Tonight!

Tonight is practice for Australia. It looks like Minardi may not be allowed to start. They apparently don't have their 2005 aero package ready and need approval from each team to run in 2004 spec. Ferrari and Red Bull had declined. Bastards.

Trivia Answers:

Luigi Faioli was 53 years and 22 days old when he won the Grand Prix of France in 1951. He drove with an Alfo Romeo that he shared with Juan Manual Fangio.

Fernando Alonso was 22 years and 27 days when he won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2003 with a comfortable 16.7 second advantage over runner-up Raikkonen. Driving a Renault.

New Trivia Question:

Which now defunct team made it's F1 debut on this date?


Stacey S said...

Alex, what is Arrows?

I will take "Famous Singing Pigs" for a $1000...

Anonymous said...

Alonso just announced he signed with McLaren for 2007!