Thursday, March 03, 2005

Australia Notes

I sure is weird to JPM in a McLaren and DC in anything but. The Williams sure has a pretty front wing configuration while the Ferrari looks like a dog's dick. It looks like a modified version of the X-wing is back with McLaren having what looks like viking horns rising from the cockpit.

It looks like Minardi won't get to run.

About the US commentary. Varsha is a waste of air. Hobbs and Matchet are great - a real driver and a real mechanic. Varsha is a real moron. Over the last couple of years Towsend Bell has stood in when David Hobbs is absent. He is easily my favorite commentator. Unlike Hobbes, he still has the killer instinct of a racer.

More news, It sound like williams had some trouble with their wind-tunnel in the off-season. Something about a calibration problem. They claim to be 45 days behind in development as a result.

Another year and another twitchy Jordan. This must be the third straight year that their car bobs and weaves under braking. It must scare the shit out of the drivers. In addition to the twitchy they are devoid of sponsor decals. Might expensive way to run a team. The new owners better line something up quickly as drivers alone won't pay the bills.


Adam said...

Varsha is a waste of air.Amen.

Towsend Bell has stood in when David Hobbs is absentI'm writing a letter:

Dear Speedvision:

Now that you guys are the All NASCAR Channel, perhaps you need some suggestions on how to broadcast real racing:

1. Ditch Bob Varsha. Or don't give him a mic. I don't want to hear him any more.

2. Give Varsha's mic to Townsend Bell, and not just when Hobbs is absent.

3. How about broadcasting all of the practices, instead of highlights of one while broadcasting the other.

Remember how much I irritated you guys when you weren't carried on Dish Network anymore (after being on briefly)? I'm getting ready to start again. It might be just better to submit to my demands (probably cheaper for you, too).

PS: #4. Bring back Swamp Buggy Racing!



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