Monday, April 12, 2010


It was a little like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Arriving at the track with an untested race car is rarely good for confidence and this weekend was no different. I was pretty anxious especially considering PPIR is an Oval with an infield road section. Driving NASCAR corners is always exciting given the high speeds and concrete walls. During the fist session I was really happy with the car. It was really tight but that is exactly where I expected it to be. Each session I loosened it up a bit with shock adjustments. It just got better and better through the weekend.

By Saturday afternoon I had turned a 1:06.5, fast enough to win TTC be 4 seconds. Sunday I never quite matched that time as I gave passenger rides most of the day. Late in the afternoon, I tried to better it but missed tire pressures a bit and only did a 1:06.7.

Saturday times merged
Sunday times merged

Not bad for an untested car on new track configuration. Next Event: Buttonwillow next weekend (in a different car) and then Pueblo in three weeks.

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