Monday, April 19, 2010

NASA TT @ Buttonwillow

I survived my weekend in California and got a glimpse of what to expect at Nationals this fall. The level of prep is significantly higher than here in Colorado. Many of the TT cars are full-on race cars that are trailered to the track.

I worked my way up a finished second or third in TTD but to put my performance in perspective: I'm 10 seconds off the TTD record and 6 seconds off the TTE record. That a lot. In fact the TTC time is faster than the BMWCCA IP M3 LTW I crewed for over the weekend. Fast!


slack said...

By Sunday, I was within spitting distance of TTC/TTB records.

But I think the car may class out to TTA, which is another kettle of fish. But Tony was in the 1:58's in a JP car. So there may be a couple, three more seconds that I'm leaving on the table.

I suppose the 325 could make a passable regional TTE car. But, I suspect you're right about Nationals.

slack said...

By the way, awesome photo. Do you have higher res?