Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Clutch, Flywheel and other bits

Splitting engine from transmission revealed that my Exxon Valdez-style oil leak was in fact a transmission input-shaft leak. It was so severe that the clutch was soaked an gear oil and must be replaced. This is an opportunity to upgrade to a lighter package and slightly improve acceleration.

After a bunch of research I chose a ~10 lb JB Racing Flywheel and Clutchmasters FX-100 Clutch kit. This combo weighs about 14 lbs, 12 Lbs lighter than the original combo. I originally planned to buy a kit from UUC as their Stage-1 and Stage-2 kits are a little less expensive but their sales department seems unable to return customers repeated calls, so I spent my money with VAC Motorsports instead.

In addition to the clutch/flywheel combo I also ordered a VAC oil pan baffle, ARP Head and Rod bolts and 24 valves worth of hardened valve keepers. This represents the final order -- I hope -- for the rebuild.

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