Friday, March 27, 2009


It's Friday morning, I have to be at the track for a meeting at 7pm tonight and there is almost two feet of snow on the roads. It's 9 degrees now heading for a high of 25 and tomorrow may get all the way to 40.

The idea of driving a 2900 pound race car 70 miles through the snow on 255 R-Comp tires is terrifying. Since I sold my street tires last week, my only choice is to borrow the wheels from the wife's 3 series. I'm not sure the 8.5" 50mm offset rears will actually fit since all my 8.5 are 42mm. Mostly I'm waiting to hear something official from NASA before trying to fit them.

I'm really not looking forward to driving in sub-freezing temps. I'll also have to add more antifreeze to the radiator to keep from loosing another.

Sometimes I really hate living in Colorado.

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