Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radiator Solution

After coveting the Zionsville Competition Cooling kit, I've decided on a more budget friendly solution. Bimmerworld offers a self-branded all aluminum radiator for much less then a Fluidyne or C&R. It claims to be identical to the OEM radiator so can be used with the stock fan shroud and overflow tank -- not my preferred solution but it is much easier (and much less expensive) than installing the Euro overflow tank or engineering another solution.

My new, low cost plan is to keep the stock fan shroud, trim it back so that it really only holds the new OEM overflow tank. The trimming is to make room for a 16" SPAL electric fan that will attach directly to the radiator core. Not as elegant as the Zionsville solution, but it costs less then half as much.

I also ordered a Stewart high-performance water pump, colder 75c thermostat, thermostat housing, and OE hose kit.

I'll admint some buyer's remorse right after ordering, I tried to cancel and order the Zionsville. For good or for bad Bimmerworld had already boxed and shipped the order. Looking back, I'm glad to have saved the money.

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