Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Top Gear and Google Video

Fans of the Iconic British TV show Top Gear can find any of the episodes on-line via Google.

My favorite is this one where Jeremy drives an NSX on Laguna Seca on a PlayStation and GT-4 and then drives a real NSX on the real track. On the game he does 1:41 and does 1:57 in the real car. A relatively stock E30 M3 does 1:48 and an E36 M3 at the same level of prep does 1:41 with me behind the wheel.

I wish they had let the "instructor" do a couple of laps to see whet the car is capable of.


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mark said...

1:57 in an NSX is kinda slow. I did 2:00 flat in an '87 535is (boxy four door sedan) with sticky tires, big brakes and a chip.

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