Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Enough is enough

I guess the Indy disaster (and a busy time at work) really put the stops on my writing. Well I'm back....

The highpoint of 2005 for me as the GP2 series. Scott Speed did well but never challenged for the championship. Nicco Rosberg and Heikki Kovalainen really stole the show.

Max Mosely and the rest of the F1 rules makers should pay attention to the design of the GP2 cars. Using ground effects instead of large external wings, they run allow very close racing and lots of passing. Add that to the youthful exhuberance (and excessive testosterone) of the dirvers and you have a really exciting series.

2006 brings the V8 back to F1 and levels the field among the well funded teams. Teams like Honda and Toyota have been building V8s for ChampCar form many years and may have an advantage. McLaren, Williams, Ferarri and the rest may have a hard time keeping up.

And - sound the horns - we have an American driver in F1. Probably not a title contender as a rookie driver with a rookie team, but a competitor none the less. Go Speed!

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