Friday, September 11, 2015

Headlight Refurbishment

After 15 years and 200k miles Izzy's headlights were getting pretty hazy. When Izzy was new I applied some helicopter tape to the lenses that did a good job of preventing too much damage to the lights. But over the years the tape itself had become cloudy and yellow. I discovered that you can buy replacement lenses for these light for less than $100. So I ordered a pair from Turner Motorsports.
Original lights showing a little wear
Thanks to Pelican Parts I found a nice online guide to headlight removal. You only need an 8mm socket, extension and a little pry-bar to complete the job. The left light took about 2 hours as i worked carefully to avoid breaking off any of the heat-brittled plastic clips holding the headlights in the car and holding the headlight assemblies together. 

Halfway there... It's pretty easy to see the difference
 The passenger's side light took about 15 minutes. Practice make perfect.
Job Done - crystal clear now... Now about those fog lights...
 Jackson was actively involved - his first car repair project - with a steady supply of tools, necessary and otherwise. Here we are removing the first light.
Able assistant and tool caddy

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