Thursday, May 23, 2013

Has it really been 5 months?

It sure has.

I've not really done any car stuff for a while. We bought a used Audi Q5 for the wife to drive relegating  Izzy the 328 to "spare car" duty.

The 95 M3 Time Trial car is still sleeping in the garage waiting for a motor rebuild to get back on track. Although disconnected the little golf cart battery I've been using seems to have given up the ghost so I'm thinking about a full sized replacement.

The truck is giving me fits however. It developed the dreaded Dodge "Death-Wobble" a couple of years ago and I've been replacing steering and front suspension parts to resolve it.

After replacing ball joints, tie rod, tie rod ends, pitman arm, steering stabilizer and steering box it went away for a while but returned after a couple of months. I replaced my badly worn tires this week and that seems to have banished it again, but I'm pretty sure it will come back at some point. The only thing left is to replace the track rod. Since the Power Wagon basically has a 2" lift from the factory, I'm going to get a slightly longer track-rod to compensate.

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