Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's been a while but...

After last years "25 Hours of Thunderhill" season ender - where we broke on the first lap and officially finished dead last - it was hard to find a reason to update the blog. We, last night we found a little solace by finishing 3rd overall, ahead of nearly 50 other teams in the Buttonwillow 3 hour event. Our class "E0" is the generally the third fastest class after "ES" and "ESR" so competing for an overall win is uncommon. Last night all the "ES" and "ESR" cars broke or retired so the top three cars overall were all "E0" cars. In addition, we shared pit space and fueled a S54-powered E36 M3 "Diablo" that won overall. Quite a night for a team that just a year ago was hoping for a class podium.

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