Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Senna TAG

I learned today that TAG Heuer made no less than 5 different Ayrton Senna commemorative watch models. I discovered three different versions while shopping for mine, but didn't know there were so many. I now own a 2002 model (top right) and have seen two different versons, one with the Senna signature on the face and one (mine) without. It turns out there are actually two Link models without the signature (2001 and my 2002) and a completely different watch from 1994.

I love mine, it's a bit coarse and weights a metric ton but has been a faithful everyday companion for almost 4 years. It replaced my previous TAG Heuer S/EL Chrono, a quartz watch I wore daily for over 10 years. There is just something about the look of a black-faced chronograph that just looks right to me.

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Anonymous said...

Yours is actually a 2003 model. The 2002 is the signature model