Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winter Update

After nearly three monts in the shop I got the car back yesterday. It sits a little lower (and a lot stiffer) on the new Ground Control D/A suspension, has a new (used) transmission and a electric cooling fan.

The GC camber plates only allow -2.6 degrees of camber compared with the 3.5 degrees I used with the stock suspension. I suspect the loss of camber won't be a big deal because of the reduction in body roll. The reason a McPherson strut based cars run so much static negative camber is to compensate for the loss of camber that occurs when the suspension compresses - especially the outside that compresses in a corner. With a 550/800 In/Lb springs the car has almost no body roll. I estimate that roll stiffness is in the 1-2 degree per G range now with no rear bar and the largest GC tubular front bar 1" from the end.

It needs a corner weight now and then a testing session to adjust the balance.

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