Tuesday, April 14, 2009

High Plains Raceway

I drove High Plains Raceway a couple of weeks ago. I did their Friday Lapping Day the day before the first SCCA Regional.

What a great track. It is really technical, lots of elevation change and beautiful new asphalt. I drove over 5 hours including one 2+ hour session that was a tank of gas from full to empty. All this track time really killed the consumables. I burned through half a set of tires and half a set of front pads. I took the opportunity to change both -- I'm going to Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec tires to gain better wet weather performance and instead of the Performance Friction 01 Compound (Which I love) I'm going to try the new 06 compound to get a little better wear and shift the brake balance to the rear by continuing to run PF01 in the rear.

I'm headed back for a full three days this weekend. I've got a new set of 255 Nitto NT01s if it's dry and a set of 245 Dunlops in case of rain.

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