Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bangle - Gone!

Yippee, the moron responsible for the pathetic BMW design of recent years is leaving BMW and the auto industry.

The press release reads like a love fest, but Bangle's stay at BMW has been rife with conflict. Contrary to the release Bangle had little to do the the design of the Mini (much of which was designed external from BMW). His first catastrophe was the 7 series. What a train wreck! He also mangled the 5 and 3 series. The only car he designed that isn't a total disaster is the 6 series. It's only a disaster from a couple of angles.

BMW fans will note that the shift away from his ham-fisted (sorry edge-flame-polished) design began a couple of years ago when he moved/was moved from day-to-day design. Note that the new M3 (which actually looks OK) was completed after he was sent upstairs.

So, we BMW fans can only hope that the scars he leaves behind fade quickly.

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