Sunday, July 20, 2008

1995 M3 Issues

There are a few important maintenance items that are really must-do on a 1995 M3. They are all actually pretty difficult to do but if you don't, and they fail, you will wish you did.

1. Weak Valve Retainers

Early 1995s (prior to 10/95) have improperly heat-treated valve retainers that can fail causing a catastrophic engine failure.

More details here

2. Loose Oil Pump Nut

The nut attaching the drive pulley to the oil pump can come loose causing a total loss of oil pressure and a few seconds later, catastrophic engine failure.

More details here

3. Loose Rear Diff Bolts

The bolts attaching the LSD cover to the carrier may not have had locktite applied properly at the factory allowing bolts to fall out and be ingested by the ring/pinion gears causing catastrophic differential failure.

More details here

So, go check your nuts, bolts and retainers...


mark said...

I experienced some fuel starvation (at < 1/8 tank) on a long high-g right hander. (Buttonwillow's Mazda-Star in clockwise configuration.) Here's a mod I'm going to study up on ...

Twin fuel pumps for E36 M3

Also, what about engine oiling?

Ren said...

I can run until the low fuel light is an and then some. I learned this at miller by accident having forgotten to get fuel on the way to the track on Saturday. Miller has plenty of long sweepers to induce starvation.

I suspect you may have a bad in-tank pump. I had this problem with my E30 M3 early on.

I have a VAC baffle in the oil pan (easy to do when I was safety wiring my oil pump nut) and run about 1/2 quart high. Unlike the E30 M3 this doesn't cause any blow-by or other bad things.