Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's gone... moving on.

After 8 years of ownership, I reluctantly let the 540i M-Sport go yesterday. As I type this I am waiting for someone to come pick up my go-kart. Selling one's toys is always a little sad. However, the up side is that I am replacing everything with a 90% track focused car.

I've been shopping for the last few days and have narrowed the list to about 8 cars.

From most to least expensive

Lotus Exige
Porsche 996
BMW E46 M3
BMW 135
BMW E36 M3
Spec 944
Spec E30
Spec Miata

My focus is really on the second half of the list. I once heard that you shouldn't track a car you can't roll up into a ball and not cry about. That pretty much limits me to the second half of the list.

Selection criteria:

Streetable (at least for the first year)
Potential for serious speed
Reasonable maintenance (time and cost)

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