Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big Bad Boris the NASCAR man

I watched the NASCAR race today at Sears Point. I can't bring myself to call it infinity or what ever the curent sponsor is.

It's always entertaining watching the circle track guys try to figure out a complicated road course. I've driven both Sears and Watkins Glen (the two NASCAR road courses) and Sears is by far more dificult.

Jeff Gordon won easily -- proving again he is a true champion. Boris Said (not a champion but one of the hardest working drivers in the sport) did a fine job finishing 9th - even after a love-tap in 11 by Tony "Jackass" Stewart. He finished 29th (about 10 spaces ahead of where he deserved).

Beyond that it was racecar carnage, 3/3a was particularly bloody. 8 claimed it's share of cars. Sears has been reworked so 10 is not the monster it used to be. That used to be where evil lurked. Now it has been straightened and there is plenty of run off room before the big bad wall.

It was my first roundy-roundy race this season. Reminds me of a shirt I saw at the USGP: "Too dumb for opera, too smart for NASCAR; I guess I'l just watch Formula 1."

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