Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mitsubishi Evo 8

At the SVTOA event last weekend, I drove a student's Mitsubishi Evolution 8. Wow, what a car! I must admit I am totally smitten by this car. With just a few modifications this little thing was producing over 370Hp. the steering and shifting was incredible, and the thing simply wouldn't understeer. The Recaro seats were very good - not as nice as the Recaro SPGs I had in my last race car - but far more durable. It's a bit heavy at 3260 lbs but the aftermarket has lots of carbon to help in that area.

This is the first car t me think about replacing the 5er.

The recipe for a super-fast track Evo8 is:

  1. Turbo Back Exhaust
  2. Uprated Fuel Pump
  3. Boost Controller
  4. High-flow Intake
  5. Larger Rear anti-roll bar
This should generate 350 RWHP and go all day long.

Where do I sign up?

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